Barbados… What you can’t afford NOT to do (5 Min Read)

NJT Newcastle

Welcome Aboard



Look away now if Sun, Sea and Culture isn’t your thing…

still looking? Good!

Scooting off on April 27th I boarded my BA flight to the stunning island of  Barbados, destined for Crane Resort and Residence. As an agent It’s essential that I visit these beautiful destinations to be able to give my clients the best possible service when they choose to book through me; first hand experience is always best right?

I had heard so much about this wonderful place but for once I was visiting it, seeing it with my very own eyes. As an agent and a traveller myself I know that the desire for experience continues to grow and why shouldn’t it? We don’t just live to pay bills, but to learn, experience and expand our our knowledge; to do what makes us happy.

A 6 Day , 7 Night Itinerary… lucky lucky…

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Slow down or you will explode… (1 Min Read)

Got your attention?


Things have been wild of late! The business has been launched and my life feels like I am spinning plates… or in this frogs case carrying too much to handle.



Don’t get me wrong I love it! my comfort zone is being stretched which is always a good thing, it’s just… everything I seem to be doing is in a rush and unfocused on Number One.

Do you ever feel that way?

  • Eating is done FAST,
  • Going to the toilet is FAST
  • Talking is FAST
  • Typing is FAST
  • Driving is FAST
  • Outings are FAST

Sometimes I just need someone to say…


Change is Imminent and Accountability is Necessary

You what, what?

Changes need to be made, I need to apologise to myself and those around me who have witnessed the times of late that have not been so great.


The times when I have not been productive, the times when procrastination was off the richter, the times when I had a ridiculously short temper out of anxiety , the times when I didn’t “eat that frog” out of fear, the times I made excuses because I was scared of rejection and failure, the times I masked my worries with other behaviours (some frowned upon), the times I did not see opportunities because I was so caught up in myself, the times I pulled away from people because socialising was a chore, the times I neglected personal development because I thought I didn’t need it. 

None of these things are positive are they? None of these are going to lead to productivity and self actualisation? None of these negative things are gonna contribute towards my happiness unless I tweak them.

I’m making a change and you can help me – I need you too.


Here is my manifesto (p.s don’t forget to vote tomorrow UK!!!) 

I will be happy and confident in my skin, I will focus on being the best version of myself.


Drop body fat – Use Social Media as a form of accountability. 

I will do at least 1/2 an hour of Personal Development a day


Online or Books/ Goals/ Ambitious/ Dreams.

I will blog my progress at least once a week, my progress towards being happy, confident and pushing my comfort zone


Take risks and jump into new opportunities/ create opportunities…. get over my ridiculous fear of speaking on camera ha! ( someone hold my hand please?) VLOGiddy VLOG VLOG VLOG. 



Feel FREE to comment/ FOLLOW and SHARE if you are motivated by anything that I say, my aim is to love myself an be happy with the hope I can resonate with others too.

I will always follow you back xx

When Time Runs Away… (Quickie)

Tick Tock Don’t Stop!

Slow Down: “Take a Chill Pill”

…They say while I pop one of my ‘pram,

Spiral Fast

I haven’t had a chance to blog in a while, I launched a new business. My mind, my fingers, my voice, my eating, my drinking is running at a GAZILLION mph!

I Really Feel

That putting finger pads to keyboard and typing some words will help me relax, just a lil bit. Not that I don’t enjoy all this new stuff thats going on, infant; it EXCITES me to the point I even find sleeping a waste of time. Yes I know before you say anything sleep is important… Its just everyday feels like Xmas morning at the mo.

So full of ideas, people I want to speak to, ways I can grow MY business and help others. It’s insane for me but extremely exciting.

Tru Dat!

Im TALKING to new people, throwing myself into new OPPORTUNITIES, Even attending NETWORKING events just to get known and make business relationships. Im eager to collaborate, boost my confidence, show my skills and what I can really do. Im excited about my new baby business, I’m typing this at a million miles an hour because I’ve just had a super idea for a new client and now I need to FOCUS back on this.

It’s Fair to say


I’m feeling unstoppable.

From the girl, the shell I was 12 months ago to the woman I am now is crazy!

My Comfort Zone is being stretched like a “lacky band” and I Lurrrrve it!

I forgot to mention

My new venture is in Social Media Marketing, an agency if you please! haha

Ive got plans, big plans for this little egg. Don’t be fooled inside I’m an ANXIOUS mess but my exterior shows none. Ive trained myself to ACT confident. The way I see it is that if I FAKE my confidence enough, chances are it will be learnt behaviour and will stick. Here’s hoping eh?

You know what? Im enthusiastic, off my little BOX! and damn straights this business is going to be a bloody success. CHECK ME OUT ALL CONFIDENT !

Digital Lipz

Digital Lipz logo
Getting Lippy with your Social Media

Is our name, don’t wear it out. Ok you have my permission, tell everyone about it, I certainly will. WOW over use of EXCLAMATION marks this evening much?

So yeh, that’s were I’m at.  Let me know what you think of my LOGO, I’m not 100% on it. Ideally I’d love some super savvy designer to brand me up something really funky but for now; this will have to do.

“Aint nothin’ gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no,  I got to keep on movin’!” – Matthew Wilder

I’m not gonna vomit my business at you, if you wanna know what get’s me going and is making me literally JUMP out of bed in the morning then MESSAGE me or hunt me out on LINKEDin.

Let us NETWORK and BUILD new friendships xx

STOP, COLLABORATE and LISTEN, BEX is back with a brand new addition!

Frogs on Coffee

5 Ways I Make My Morning Anxiety Disappear FAST

Frogs on Coffee

Can I Have 2 Slices of Motivation and a Bowl of Confidence Please?

Do you want to know how I curb my anxieties and get myself ready for the day ahead?

Would you really like to know how these hacks positively affect my day?

Are you reading this because you hope they can help you too?

Let me be brutally honest…

You gotta help yourself first by turning off that snooze button and giving yourself a big shake, so let’s jump straight in!

Number 1Setting my ALARM half an hour EARLY!


That’s right. As if mornings were not difficult enough, I make them that little bit more difficult for me, in a reverse psychology kind of way! Setting my alarm that little bit earlier stops me from pressing the dreaded SNOOZE button and gives me that extra time to myself in the morning to clear my head, get my self in the zone so that the rest of the day runs smoothly.  There is nothing more anxiety fueling, if that’s an actual term? than being in a rush in the morning.

Wake me up, before you go go!

If your anything like me and you sleep in or don’t have time to do your bits and bobs before you leave the house on a morning I almost guarantee you will have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp all day!

so my advice to you; SET THAT ALARM 30mins EARLIER and give yourself some time to gather your thoughts.


Number 2Stretch, Wash and Slap

Ahhhhhh, Scrubadub dub, pass me the CONCEALER!!!

Lie in bed, stretch yourself like you have someone yanking on each arm and leg, jump out of your bed and SHOWER. This wakes me up, the quicker I am out of bed the LESS chance I have in making excuses to not leave my pit. Don’t be a social media junkie and lie in bed scrolling through your feed or dwell on the day ahead. Advice: Get your butt out of bed and start MOVING!!

My most important part of this is getting my makeup on, I guess for the men this
probably appears ridiculous, but trust me, nothing feels as good as

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

when you have your face on. Ladies, you know what I mean don’t you? Their is  nothing more frightening than catching a glimpse of my makeup free face!

In all seriousness there is a reason for this. It sets me up for the day, when I’m up, washed and fully made up I feel confident, invincible and in control of the day.

Trust me, it works!!

3Looking Positively Ravishing Darling!

You want a stress free morning? Get that outfit sorted the night before, that goes for you and any kids or big kids(partners!) you may have.outfit

If there is anything I cannot bare it’s being in a rush and running around like a headless chicken looking for something to wear. OMG it sets me up for a
bad day if i’m not prepared.

If you aren’t 100% comfortable with your appearance and get anxious over the way you look “I need something to cover my bum”, “Ugh I look fat in that”, “My jeans are too tight” then this is essential.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” -Benjamin Franklin.

Invaluable piece of advice here, get it sorted before you go to sleep to avoid stressful mornings , unnecessary drama and a potential panic attack.

4Tick List! Have a REASON WHY!

You have probably read this time and time and time again, lucky you! Your reading it again. That’s because it is very important.

“Like ridiculously important” – Me!

Write your to do list for the day in order of PRIORITY and get it done. If you don’t finish your list off by the end of the day, that’s OK; your closer to completion than you were before you started.

Have a solid reason WHY you want to get up and fulfill your tasks, perhaps motivation towards a job goal, an exam, a fitness goal.

It reduces that stress of the day, eliminates the worry.

You can’t remember everything, I certainly can’t. If its not written down I forget 9 times out of 10.

  • SEO for Charity
  • Nursery Drop Off
  • Meeting (1hr)
  • Pay Bill
  • Blog
  • Nursery Pick Up
  • Dentist Appt

I get a super duper sense of SATISFACTION when my list is completed, you will to not to mention being on the right track to success.

 56Have a rave! only joking. Put the Music on, Twerk and Sing!

I’m 100% serious.

Get the spotify library on, blast your favourite playlist, move that sexy body of yours while pouring yourself a cup of coffee and BAM! The day commences with a BANG! Just don’t burn yourself in the process, that’s not part of the plan.

I like to pop on a bit of David Guetta or a Kygo playlist to get me in the mood for the day ahead. Put on one of your faves and align yourself ready for the day.


Start your day happy and in a positive mood and I almost guarantee your day will work out just right. Unless your superstitious like myself and spot 2 pesky magpies…. that’s another story!

From my heart I hope this has been helpful in it’s own scatty way. It helps me stay on track and focused by helping you so bare with me, i’m a work in progress myself.

To be FULLY HUMAN requires time and effort and a lot of hard work, i’m miles away from where I want to be, but one thing is for certain; i’m a hell of a lot closer than I was this time last year. That’s good progress is it not?



Bex xx






“You are so miserable, get a grip!”

Breaking the deafening silence once more…

Hey! I hope everyone has had a lovely positive weekend. If not, its the start of a brand new week and a chance to put the past behind us and move forward. Today I am sending out a quick message in the interim of my next blog post for sufferers of anxiety and depression to STEP FORWARD.

interview request
Let me talk to you!

Interview? What do you mean ‘interview’?

Exactly what it says on the tin.

  • I want to talk to YOU!
  • Ask you 10 questions about your experiences of Anxiety and or Depression
  • Listen to your story
  • Educate the world about how it really feels; through your words
  • Share on #socialmedia platforms
  • Podcast

Sufferers of #anxiety and #depression you are fully aware that people tread on egg shells when broaching the subject or choose to just ignore, refuse to talk about it, hope it goes away and ‘play it down’.  Let’s face it it’s annoying and its super counter productive for those of us looking for support and a way of coping with these burdens.

Let’s Educate!

If you would like to be part please COMMENT / LIKE or MESSAGE ME:07784245522 for a quick chat.




If you say it you become it…

Affirm and


No doubt being on social media you have been exposed to those thought provoking images plastered with quotes and affirmations about Life, Love and Wellbeing from famous motivational speakers, entrepreneurs or well known celebs.

I absolutely LOVE them. Every time I spot one that resonates with me i screenshot it or save it to turn it into a canvas or a picture for the wall so I can see it every day.

Did you know?

Affirmation means “to make steady, strengthen” from the Latin word Affirmare .So i guess if we want to strengthen something in our minds, repeating these positive affirmations daily, seeing these positive quotes daily we are cementing them in our mind steadily, over a period of time thus re-wiring our brain.(well…that’s the hope!)

I’ve collated a bunch of quotes and affirmations that help me and I really do hope they can help you too. If everyday we verbally affirm our dreams and ambitions I truly believe that it will become reality one day. At the very least keep us motivated and on the right track.

affirm 5
Be Strong

affirm 3
I Appreciate

be confident
Stop comparing, we are all at different points in our life.

i am not a product of my circumstance
Set goals and make things happen

desire to change
Be hungry enough to reach those goals you have set

attract only good into my life
I do so by talking positively to myself and setting goals

affirm 7
Expect good things to happen

i am strong
Your experiences make you who you are today

Motivational Quote

affirm 5
Never a truer word spoken, everything we do teaches us. If you keep that mindset things wont drag you down as much.

Take care how you speak to yourself because you are always listening
Never talk negative to yourself, say good things and with time good things will happen

Be Happy!

I hope you like what I have shared with you today, please feel free to comment and share this with others. Remember these words above are things that I live by and keep me motivated and on the right track. Find your own that you enjoy to read too. If you find any good ones SHARE them with me too xx